"cheat"-proof way of getting in steps or activity

Hello beeminders!

Do you guys have a creative way of weasel proofing doing activities? The temptation is too big to skip out if theres a way to add activity manually.

I have searched the forum and seen that some are using Fitbit with “zone minutes” or “steps” which cant be manually added? Have some of you guys been using that?


well there is fitbit but also apple health, garmin and strava. As all of these are autosync meaning that the data saved to those services should add automatically to beeminders. if you choose an autosync that should minimise the chance of weaseling.


Yeah thats right, but although I have enabled autosync for Fitbit, with no manual inputs on the Beeminder app, I can go to Fitbit and add 10.000 steps although I havent really done anything.

For a weak soul like me, thats an issue

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ah ok. couple of ideas:
what phone/watch/devices do you have?
If you have apple you should be able to sync the step count from that to beeminder straight away (I think I dont have an apple device)
If you are on android there is google fit or samsung health that track steps. you can then sync those using health sync (Home - Health Sync) which means it can sync your steps automatically from google fit/samsung/whatever to fitbit, without having fitbit installed or available on your device. If you are using fitbit to track your stepcount then you could get a blocking app like stayfocused/lock me out etc which you can then use to block the fitbit app during certain times.

The other thing I have found is try not to think too hard about beeminder or the goal measurements as this can often lead to you working out loopholes.

If you can work out ways to make it easier to do the steps than to not. Try to make step count a byproduct of something else you want to do that way you are just doing steps for sake of doing steps eg for step count it might be for health reasons but also that when you go on the walk you will take some photos or visit/chat with someone or walking meetings (treadmill and remote working?). This will hopefully make doing the steps easier/reason to do them.


Thank you @bizzle! Good advice on not thinking too hard on Beeminder, think I gotta take it to heart. Good idea to combine it with something else.

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