Auto data ideas for Beeminding Job Search

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for a job (new college graduate) and I have run into trouble. As many of you know it is difficult to muster up the energy to apply for jobs. More importantly, when i do muster up the energy to work I do low-yield activities like applying for jobs online. I could try to set up a manual beeminder goal (e.g. beemind my to do list) but I know that the pesky weasel in me will get in the way.

So, I was wondering if anyone could share some ideas to auto collect data for high yield job search activities?

I consider high yield activities to be:

  1. Going to Networking Events/Meetups
  2. Cold calling
  3. Cold Emailing
  4. Sending Linkedin emails

Hi there!

I haven’t cracked the autodata part of your question, so mine are all manual. But I do beemind my ‘looking for work’ activities.

For complex goals, I often find it helpful to track several different dimensions. Things like counting how many events or contacts I made, as well as how much time spent on relevant activities.

In terms of my directly related goals, right now I’m beeminding:

  • contacting someone every day (responding to their responses doesn’t count!)
  • pitching for work (not every contact needs to be explicit!)
  • and a couple of goals for tracking time/cash spent on learning & professional development

Because I’m selling consultancy, rather than looking for a job job, I also track:

  • days sold (pre-start of the engagement!)
  • cash value invoiced (end of the engagement!)
  • cash value of hours worked as I go along (middle of the engagement!)