Auto-derail weight goal if I don't weigh in for a certain period of time?

I have a withings scale, and I’m not actively trying to lose or gain weight. I have a goal set up with a super shallow slope, which automatically pulls data from the withings scale.

What I want is a goal that basically tracks my weight, but derails if I don’t check in twice a week or so.

This seems like it should be easy to do, but I can’t figure it out. My thought was that I would set a pessimistic presumptive report and a weight upper bound. Ie if I didn’t enter a real datapoint for a week, Beeminder assumes I’ve gained 10 pounds and threatens me with derailment.

What’s the right way to set this up?

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Great question! This ought to be built in for weight goals and I like your idea for doing it (setting a pessimistic presumptive report). Alas, we don’t have that feature for weight loss goals yet!

What I do in the meantime (after @bee finally convinced me after I resisted for ages because it seemed inelegant) is have a separate weigh-ins goal – – that gets sent a +1 whenever I step on the scale. I do that with an IFTTT applet and a custom aggday=nonzero (so I can’t build up safety buffer by weighing in multiple times in a day).

Ok awesome, that will work in the meantime! Good point about the aggday thing, I’ll have to look into that. There are definitely some goals I don’t want to be able to build up safety buffer for.

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