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Withings integration, odometer mode

Hi. I’m pretty new here, mostly so-far just tracking my Anki reviews.

The next thing I’d really like to motivate myself to do, is reliably weigh-in on my scale. I don’t want to Beemind my actual weight — I’m overweight, but somewhat comfortable with where I am, and that’s simply a priority. However, I do want to be able to look back over my life and months and years, and see the general trends: “oh, when the pandemic hit, I gained a lot of weight; but I started to lose it when my friend started to drag me out hiking biweekly.” That sort of thing.

I see that the Withings connection seems to only support an actual weight-tracking goal. My first thought was to use Zapier to automate an Odometer-type goal … but unfortunately, unlike you guys, it doesn’t look like Zapier supports Withings.

Any chance you could add the ability to simply add that a weigh-in happened, instead of the weight of the weigh-in, as a Beemind datapoint? That’d be awesome.


Great question and great use case! There are probably a few solutions to this, at various levels of convolutedness. One is something called “aggday”.

But first I should understand the use case better (this is especially valuable for me to think about because of a related thing we’re working on). Is it important that your actual weight not be stored with your data, or does it only matter that you’re not committing to any particular weight, only to weighing in?

PS: To make my question more concrete, suppose hypothetically that you could do this by first making a normal weight loss goal connected to Withings and you just made it extremely conservative so there was no chance of ever derailing it (the bright red line could even slope up, despite it being a weight loss goal). Then, still hypothetically, you made a second weigh-ins goal that was connected to the first goal and the weigh-ins goal just automatically got a +1 for every datapoint entered on the weight goal. You could then dial the weigh-ins goal to commit to weighing in 6 times a week or whatever made sense, and ignore the weight goal entirely.

Hi @ELLIOTTCABLE ! I just had a somewhat similar goal that I did with IFTTT. I wanted to use weighing in as a way to measure what time I got out of bed. It was a bit convoluted, but I used connected my Renpho scale with Fitbit (I haven’t used Fitbit in years, I don’t know if you need a Fitbit device to have an account) and had IFTTT send a Beeminder datapoint of the time Fitbit logged a new weight.

I checked and saw that Withings does work with IFTTT, so maybe that’s an option for you?