Auto import of steps - samsung health

I finally have settled down to the apps that I want to use to track my fitness.

Endomondo for exercises
Samsung Health for steps
MyFitnessPal for food tracking

And, now I find out about Beeminder. Unfortunately, nothing I use will auto sync up.

Are there any tricks for at least getting my steps to auto sync?

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You may be able to do something using Android’s internal Google Healthkit API and a free fitbit account. I used it to populate my weight from Beeminder to MyFitnessPal and Google Fit as described in this thread.

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Its not really that big of a deal, I guess. When I enter my weight into Beeminder, I enter yesterday’s step count also.

If S Health will sync to Google Fit, you can use one of the integrations on to get your steps from Google Fit to beeminder. This might be what you’re looking for, and it’s what I currently use on my old Nexus 5X.

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