Google Fit / MyFitnessPal weight integration


Here’s the incredibly hacky way that I get data from my beeminder weight loss goal to all the services I use on a daily basis. These include Google Fit, Strava, and MyFitnessPal. This may only work on Android, though I suspect Apple’s healthkit does something similar.

  1. Create a free fitbit account. Even better if you have a fitbit.
  2. Create a free IFTTT account.
  3. Link Strava, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit, and any other services you want to have your weight information, all to Google Fit.
  4. Create an IFTTT recipe which takes the datapoint value from your beeminder weight goal and updates it in FitBit.
  5. The data propagates to all other apps using Android’s sharing API.

I always vaguely wanted this feature, so I didn’t have to update my weight in a bunch of different apps, but never really sat down to figure it out until now.

Hope this helps for anyone else who wants this. It’s hacky but works for the time being.

Auto import of steps - samsung health

Thanks for sharing this! How does your weight get to Beeminder? Is that where you manually enter it and all the rest is to get it to propagate elsewhere?


Yes, that’s exactly it. I use Beeminder a lot for various tasks throughout the day, so that’s an easy point of entry. I also engage with MyFitnessPal daily, so one could rig this up in the opposite direction to propagate from MyFitnessPal -> Fitbit -> Beeminder via IFTTT.


Update 2018:

Fitbit no longer syncs to google fit on my Pixel 2. It gets my weight from beeminder like a dream, but since it doesn’t make the connection between beeminder and google fit it’s not super useful to me at the moment. Will try again with misfit or withings, or some other fitness service.