Any way to import Google Fit data?

Hey! I’d love to have a goal that auto-imported steps from Google Fit.

I can see that in the past people have done this via (but that seems to be down now) and IFTTT (but that no longer seems to support Google Fit).

Is there any way to do this, in January 2022?

If not, do people have recommendations for an automated (ideally free) step tracker that runs on Android, doesn’t hog battery, and works with Beeminder?


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I wish I could say “oh, Beeminder supports it natively!”

However, Google Fit has made it really hard for companies to get data that they didn’t write out of Google Fit, and Google Fit does all that step tracking automatically.

Policy/coding-wise, it’s not too tricky to get your own data out of Google Fit.

I wonder if any of us here on the forum have already written a little Google Apps Script or Tasker thing or Automate thing to fetch data from Google Fit and push it to Beeminder…


You could use Health Sync which can sync the data from Google Fit to FitBit which does talk to Beeminder.
Alternatively you could install FitBit app and setup MobileTrack within it which will also track you steps through the phone. How do I use Fitbit MobileTrack?

Edit: Also vote for Google Fit as future integration here.

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