Autodata integration idea: BACtrack for blood alcohol content

It seems BACtrack has an API:

This seems like a potentially powerful thing to beemind and may matter a lot that it be automated.

Do you think it would work as a Do Less goal where you allowed yourself a BAC reading of say .01% per day? If you didn’t use the device then you’d have to let the Pessimistic Presumptive Report stand.

Is there a chance that that could induce you to drink in the morning and then use the device right before midnight? Or use the device right before midnight and start drinking right after midnight, giving your body a full 24 hours to flush out the alcohol? But maybe that’s not the kind of loophole you’d be inclined to abuse, premeditated and in a sober state like that?

Two possible directions to track:

  • maximum reading below X, i.e. stay (mostly) sober all the time
  • latest reading below X, i.e. get sober after having a drink, say, before driving or before work in the morning

For that second scenario, you’d want to use the period of relative sobriety after the first drink to establish an ‘eep’ reading.

The WSJ article that kicked this all off (h/t @lreyzin) talks about twice-daily tests. You could set up multiple goals with staggered deadlines to enforce multiple tests per day. Each imposing a maximum in the previous 24h.

It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that you want to build up safety buffer on, though… so also consider using autoratchet, weasel-proofing, and supporters.

Where it’d be super-powerful is if we could combine it with geofences or the like. (Maybe there’s a multi-sourced autod goals feature lurking in here somewhere.)