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Weekend Only Goals

I have seen a lot of posts about changing goals to allow for weekends off. What about weekend only goals or goals where the commitment is different for the weekend? I can think of lots of things I have little or no time to do on weekdays and much more time to do on weekends.

For example, you might have a goal to reduce the amount of coffee or alcohol you drink. You want to limit yourself to 1 drink per day during the week and 3 per day on the weekends. An alternative could be to limit yourself to 3 drinks for the entire weekend and 0 during the week. More than 3 per weekend or 1 on any weekday would result in derailing. Is there a way to do this?

You could add up what you want to commit to during the 5 weekdays and 2 weekend days and make this number a weekly goal. I have tried something like this, but it still allows me to skip days during the week and catch up on the weekend or vice versa.

This brings up a related question: is there any way to set up a “Do more” or “Do less” daily goal so that there is a maximum or minimum amount? This could be used to prevent “catch-up days” and instead reinforce a consistent daily habit.


I have been trying to do something similar, but have not found a way yet. I signed up for the Premium plan to auto ratchet, but that s not a solution in practice, and is weirdly implemented for do-less. So I’d really love something like this!

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For the daily limit in your “related” question, yes, you can auto-ratchet with the premium plan.

I am still unclear about the accuracy of the units, though: the interface says “auto ratchet to have only X days margin at most”, using “days” regardless of the unit used to track the goals, and I do not know of it actually means “days” (by interpolating the weekly rate), or if it means “units” - and if the former, I am not aware of a way to set the auto-ratchet in units rather than days.

@bee, could you clarify, please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Since this is now the second thread about this, I’m thinking maybe we should actually implement it! For now if you email support with a specific goal and weekend rate, we can update it manually for you, but consider this bumped in priority.


Brilliant, thanks @apb for the update! Give a shout if we can help, maybe beta testing or clarifying or anything.

Fwiw, ime the autoratchet does in fact use days until derailing, not units.

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it does use units for do-less! sounds like we need to go double-check for wording consistency :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for confirming, @chelsea, I was wondering if I had hallucinated … Pfew! My sanity is restored, and my hopes are up for seeing this UVI :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I’d like to be able to pick arbitrary days of the week off. I want some goals to be only on work days and some days only on days off - and I work part time.

I’m sure I could rig something up with the API, but I don’t have enough time to get that far down my priority list of things to do.


Another vote for weekend-only goals, I have a side-project that I want to work on weekends but because of daily rates the graph ends up being demotivating.

Temporary solution : calculate the weekend rate myself (based on the current daily rate) and manually setup breaks for the new couple of weeks.

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I don’t understand this - why not just set it up as a weekly rate?


You can use the “skatesum” aggday method for this - it won’t let you build up a buffer.

It’s already like that and the main line of the graph doesn’t represent the actual planning of the project. Which messes up my thinking of when I have to do work towards the goal and how much buffer I need to have.

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Check out

Get above your road when you do the chunk of work, then coast for a while till you’re in danger and then do your next chunk.

I’m not sure I understand - what’s the actual planning and what do you want it to look like?

So before the akrasia line is the old state, afterwards is the new rate with breaks from monday to friday

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I don’t want to do that mental calculating stuff. I want the graph to tell me what my commitment actually is: progress on weekends, get it of my mind on weekdays :wink:


Some other possibilities are:

  1. Set up a constant rate goal and make progress on weekends until the goal says you don’t need to do any work for 6 days, then get it out of your mind on weekdays. Then you don’t need to do any calculating, just check how much buffer the goal says you have.

  2. Set up a constant rate goal where the constant rate is equal to what it should be on weekends, then automate something where it sends a data point on weekdays. So if you want to do 6 hours every weekend, set your rate to 3/day and automate a 3 data point every weekday.

  3. Like 2, but instead of automating it, just manually enter a 3 in every weekday.

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  1. is what doesn’t work for me because i’ve been conditioned to work on stuff that are on the red or very close to that
    2 and 3 can’t be done because this a RescueTime goal so I would need to enter false data

Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Well you would still only start working on it when it’s in the red, you’d just have to remember to work on it until you had 6 days buffer.

2, 3. Can’t you enter manual data on rescuetime goals as well?

As I wrote earlier, I don’t want to remember. I need Beeminder to work for me, not me to work for beeminder :smiley:

Not sure, some automations overwrite manual data
And if entered it in RT, i would mess my “productive hours” goal :wink: