Automated: Weight/Fat trends

Glad to report I have reduced my manual-entry goals by two. Trend* of weight and fat is now automated through Fitbit, and Zapier.

If anyone is interested i’ll post some instructions.

*trend = according to the Hacker’s Diet formula (


Just to note, the trend line that the Hacker’s Diet uses is also one of the ones Beeminder uses (exponentially weighted moving average).

I know!
But I am beeminding the trends as well as the actual numbers :wink:

My answer to that: Should You Beemind The Moving Average? | Beeminder Blog :slight_smile:

You’re on a collision course with the road. After multiple days of 100kg each day, you find yourself on the wrong side of the road. It’s an emergency day and you need to lose a fraction of a kilogram to get back on.

I never let this happen, if these goals fall under a 7 days buffer, it means it’s time to re-examine the goal, schedule a break and find out what i’m doing wrong. :wink:

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