Automatically beemind weighing in with FitBit?

I currently have a manual goal for ensuring I weigh in with FitBit. Each day I weigh myself, add my weight in the FitBit app, and then add a +1 to my Beeminder goal. I’d like to automate this such that I have to weigh in daily. I’m not currently interested in beeminding my weight directly. Is there a way to use the FitBit integration to automate this? Could I achieve this with a single goal, or would I need a zero-rate tracking goal and an additional metaminding goal? What would be the steps to set something like this up?

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Weight is one of the autodata metrics for our Fitbit integration:


So unless for some reason you actively don’t want a Beeminder graph of your weight at all (but probably this isn’t the case since presumably Fitbit shows you a weight graph of its own?) then I think the cleanest solution would be to make a Beeminder weight goal that it’s nigh impossible to derail on, a la primum non amplifico, and then make a metaminder goal that gets a +1 whenever Fitbit adds a weight datapoint to the weight goal.

(There are currently some mildly annoying things about using an autodata goal as a source goal for a meta goal but I predict the above will do the job and of course we’ll be grateful to hear if any of those “mildly annoying things” are actually dealbreakers.)


You could maybe also set your aggay to non-zero?
That’s what I’ve done in the past for some of my mini-habit goals, where I didn’t care about the amount on each day, only about it not being nothing.

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@mary Right, smart! Alas, I’ve already set up the meta goal, and it is a good excuse to play with the new metaminding feature. :person_shrugging:

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:+1: Yeah it’s a very cool feature. I really want to dive in and try a thousand things with it.

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