Automatically Incrementing Your Commitment

Is there a way built into beeminder for automatically incrementing your commitment, in a similar manner as you increment your pledge? I am thinking about making an script that interacts with the beeminder api to do this for me but I figure I’d ask about it first.

An example to illustrate what I want:

I have something I want to make a daily habit. I start a goal with a commitment of 3 whazzits per week. Once I’ve built a buffer of 15 whazzits I want to increase my commitment to 4 whazzits/week and decrease my buffer to 5. I continue in this manner until I am a daily whazziter, at which point the commitment stays at 7 per week.

I imagine designing a gui for this functionality would be hard, as it would need to be very flexible to be usefull for all the different possible scenarios people may want to use it for. Building a script for it probably wouldn’t be too difficult though.

Let me know if anyone might find this useful and I’ll share the script if/when its made.


There has been a recent discussion about this, look for @mary’s autodialer:

(dialer, hu, haven’t seen that word in a while)