Beeminding commitments/i-wills

Hello all :slight_smile:

After hearing about beeminding commitments made to others (The “I Will” System | Beeminder Blog), I thought it was an awesome idea and tried to find something that would work for me (meaning more automation so I only have to enter in as little data manually as possible!).

Here’s the system I have in place right now. (I’ve completed 6 commitments so far with it.)

  1. I have a “Commitments” Trello board where I put all my pending commitments onto a list called Pending.
  2. I enter in commitments either through a Trello app, or through a Workflow workflow on my iPhone, which asks me for the commitment and a due date.
  3. A powerup called “Butler” is activated on the Trello board, with rules to: (1) Move any completed commitments to a “Completed” list, (2) Give overdue commitments a red label
  4. I have a Zapier zap watching for any overdue Trello cards (each card is a commitment). If one becomes overdue, I get a +1 on my do-less Beeminder goal.
  5. The do-less Beeminder goal has a rate of 0 missed commitments per day. I have the pledge set to and capped at $5. My intention is to have to pay $5 per missed commitment – an all or nothing kind of goal, rather than the partial success version that Daniel wrote about.

I can’t actually pay $5 per missed commitment in the case where I miss more than one commitment on a single day, but here’s hoping that I won’t actually miss that many commitments!

Another thing I’m doing: Because commitments sound like to-dos to me, I’ve got a second powerup (that requires at least Trello Gold) on my Trello board to let me subscribe to a calendar version of it. So anything with a due date, I can see on my calendar. I’ve recently switched over to Things because it will show me a calendar with my to-dos.

Screenshots below. Although most of the text is hidden :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks really slick!