Average rate calculation incorrect

At least on one of my goals (djahandarie/reading), the “avg rate” calculation is incorrect, or I’m confused.

If I take the current value (8132) and divide it by number of days since goal started (2015-07-06 - 2014-03-26 = 487) I get 16.7 per day. However, the “avg rate” on the sidebar shows “35.46 per day”. This makes no sense to me because I only just changed the road rate to 40/day around a month ago – it had been 20/day for over a year, along with many flat spots.

What’s going wrong here? Am I misunderstanding, is something broken, or both?

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I believe the “avg rate” calculation is correct (for what it is calculating.)

It’s probably not what anyone wants or expects though.

It’s showing the average rate at the goal date, which in your case is 2020-08-06 so if you keep your rate at 40/day for the next 5 or so years that will be what your average rate will have been.

Heart and add your opinion to this post about better goal stats info and we can maybe get some improvements made.


At the risk of spamming, if you want this stat ASAP you could check out A somewhat janky plain-text dashboard . The dashboard displays the weekly rate of the data averaged over the last two weeks.


This was very confusing to me today, and I almost started an email to support@beeminder.com as I thought I found an issue.


Always highly valuable feedback to hear when something is confusing! And de-confusing the “avg rate” stat is a nice easy UVI – maybe by at least adding an additional stat that tells you the average just up to now, not through the goal date. I see @insti’s got this captured and tagged in the other thread – thanks so much!