Overall average rate?

Is there any way to see my current overall rate on a goal?

I can see my current yellow brick road weekly rate, but I want to know what my rate would be if it was a straight line from the starting point.

average rate = (delta data)/(weeks since start)

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If I’m understanding what you’re after, you could just divide total units by “days on track” for most goals. There might be some goal types where simple averaging wouldn’t be as meaningful–e.g. binary goals or goals functioning on weird point schemes (sadly I still have a few of those from n00b Beeminding days.)

Here is what I have discovered:

You find out ‘Days on track’ by putting your mouse over the yellow section of the top ‘Goal progress’ bar.
You find out ‘units completed’ by putting your mouse over the yellow section of the bottom ‘Goal progress’ bar.

You need to do your own calculation of: average weekly rate = ‘units completed’ / ‘Days elapsed’ / 7

I’d not seen that the yellow section of the progress bars contained this information since my goals are fairly new and the yellow bars were a small part of the whole progress bar.
It would be nice if this information was visible without having to put your mouse over something.
Perhaps in the ‘Goal Stats’ sidebar widget?


If you hover over “CUR RATE” on the right of a goal (under the legend) you get something like “Steepness of the yellow brick road: between 0 and 4 per week (current: 4, average: 3.94)” Presumably the “average: 3.94” is trying to mean something like what you’re looking for.

However, on the graph I’m looking at I can’t get it to match either with (10 units ÷ 25 days) on my graph (= 2.8/wk) or with what the average steepness of yellow brick road rate was over each day (one week flat at 0 + 18 days at 4/wk ≈ 2.88/wk). So either this isn’t right or I’m not mathing correctly…

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I’m pretty sure that this average refers to the average rate of your road, not your performance. Most likely your average is slightly lower than your current rate because you began with a flat week at the start or have had a holiday.

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Confirmed! And agreed that seeing more stats about actual rate would be great.