Nicky & Adam were daydreaming about a Spotify Wrapped-style Beeminder recap, or Beecap, because bee puns. Maybe next year? How excited would you be to see something like this? What if it was something as basic as this 10 minute dirt simple version (without all the snazz of spotify wrapped):

Other ideas that Nicky & Adam generated for metrics:

  • in 202X you had this many goals active
  • archived this many goals
  • added this many datapoints
  • number of goals you have active now
  • number of new goals created
  • number of different integrations used
  • percentage of data from integrations vs manual
  • number of days you entered data
  • length of time beeminding
  • oldest active goal
  • just whether they have any goals from before 202X
  • classify them as an edge skater, or an always greener, or… make up other classifications for beeminding strategies

That honestly looks great to me as something to start with! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Another idea: dollars per datapoint. This could be part of promoting the derailing-it-is-nailing-it mindset. If you think of every datapoint as a unit of awesomeness achieved with Beeminder (except, um, do-less goals) then that’s a nice way to feel good about what you’re paying in derailments maybe?


I’ll add that I’ve seen some users who would be eager for something along these lines monthly, or even weekly.


love it! and am definitely in the camp of “the more metrics, the better.”
as far as the presentation goes, i’ll always prefer a dirt simple version like this draft (<3) to the infuriating snazz of spotify wrapped.

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I got something like this from Focusmate [1] yesterday and I briefly thought “this is nice” and “I should suggest that Beeminder does something similar” before moving on with my life.

Maybe it could be effective as a marketing tool (maybe somebody is going to try out Focusmate because I pasted the screenshot below), but UX improvements and integrations seem more important.




i got it from skritter, but that one had overall-stats, not personal stats, which was interesting as well. (apparently people spent over 30 years on skritter in 2023.)

i will add that if done, it should take all of the year into account, not just ignore a whole month or shift it to the following year or whatever spotify wrapped does with december.

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I will self promote BUI - the alternative Beeminder UI (more charts) but I also would like to see more data, especially about derailments. Beeminder Wrapped would be a really nice thing.


I love the idea! Also, getting this once per month would be even better.

More suggestions:

  • average, max and min datapoints/day
  • on what days of the week you had the most/the fewest datapoints on average
  • how close you were to derailing when you entered a datapoint (avg/min/max)

how about “whether your datapoints were usually for today or not”?

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Ya would be very cool to see like average days ahead of certain or all goals. More charts, less words is appealing.

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I just saw that you ended up doing it:

It’s cute, I guess. Thanks.


Definitely cute! And on such short notice. I love it! Thanks, @bee and team.