Feature request: Metaminder but for total number of Beeminder goals

this might be useful to no-one else, or it might not be useful to me anymore if it ever gets implemented, but here’s an idea:

expand the metaminder integration so that it doesn’t only track data points on one beeminder goal, but it can also track the total number of one’s beeminder goals.

want to slowly force yourself to ramp up or whittle down the number of your goals, temporarily or permanently? this would be ideal for that!

(yes i know this would also be a trivial thing to manually beemind, and maybe i’ll end up doing that, but integrations are always more fun and less friction! while i would have probably set up an automated goal for this right now, at 2:13 a.m., i certainly won’t be setting up a manual goal for this right now, for akratic reasons i guess?)

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