overcounting Google Fit hourly steps?

I have a do-more goal for Google Fit steps using, but it seems to be giving me credit for walking further than I actually have. On, my data for the 18th shows up like this:

but Beeminder has way more datapoints listed:

The Google Fit app on my phone says I took 2126 steps on the 18th, which seems like about what the datapoints on add up to, but my Beeminder graph jumps ~4k steps on that day.

Is this a Known Thing? if it’s going to consistently overcount my steps by some factor, that’s pretty workaroundable just by ignoring the actual numbers on the graph, but I’m kinda reluctant to start setting the slope higher based on my current progress if this is going to stop happening at some point.

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I’ve noticed a similar problem, so I went looking to the forums. I used to aggregate across multiple goals that are updated multiple times a day. It’s counting all of the points each time it sinks, seriously overcounting my data,

That could be what’s happening for you, since you walk in chunks multiple times a day.

I thought I was significantly overperforming on my goals, but it turns out I was seriously underperforming for over a month before I caught it. Since I had a “max buffer” setting on the beeminder, the numbers didn’t look that unrealistic.

Not to blame the plugin, I may have just been using it wrong, and the responsibility on is on me, I just don’t know if the creator is doing any maintenance on this any more.

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