Feature request: Google Fit integration


Habitbull has it already, but who wants another app when we have our beloved Beeminder?!

Seriously, this is the most convenient way to track walking.


Bumping this. I’d prefer Google Fit integration over Fitbit; my Fitbit tends to undercount my exercise steps, whereas Google Fit captures them accurately.

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You’re saying Google Fit on your phone does better than your Fitbit that you wear? Are you sure it’s not Google Fit overcounting?

In the week that I used both (before abandoning my Fitbit Flex), the Google
Fit app on my Android phone was more accurate for exercise-related steps,
and more self-consistent.

For example, the Flex recorded 2195 steps and 3126 steps, respectively, for
the exact same brisk-walking route two days in a row. The GFit app recorded
3994 and 3766. The route in question is 3.5 km and my brisk-walking stride
length is about 0.9 m, so the GFit numbers seem more accurate (and more

That said, this isn’t a huge, pressing “want” for me; I’m okay with
manually entering the GFit numbers once a day—in fact, I may prefer it,
since that way I can still accurately update my Beeminder graph if I forget
my phone or it dies on me and I keep track some other way.

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I would love to have Google Fit integration with Beeminder, not because it is more accurate than other trackers, but because it integrates data from different services. For example, I use Google Fit to track steps when I am not working out, but I use Endomondo to track my runs, Sworkit to work out at home and Tabata Stopwatch or iCountTimer to time other workouts (at home and gym). All of these apps connect to Google Fit to “report” my workouts (active time, calories, distance) so I can have in a single place the data of my fitness efforts. Then, it would be great to have goal in Beeminder on the active time per day, for example.


Hi @hcasas1981,

I made a web app that integrates google fit step counter with beeminder.
Maybe it will be useful for you too here beemind.me extra integrations


Great news, am trying it right now.