Beeminder at work

To make use of the new life topic, here’s what I’m doing for beeminding at work.
Note: I work an office information worker job, kind of open-ended, lots of projects, bits and pieces.

  • I have a beemind to make a to-do list each working day, and another one to do at least three things off that list (maxes at 4 beeminder points)
  • I have a beemind for review, I used to do weekly but I couldn’t properly remember the beginning of the week, so now it’s biweekly
  • I have a beemind for inbox zero on my Outlook
  • I have a “find cool stuff” I just set up to share round the office
  • I set up beeminders for important but longer-term projects

I am in the process of moving to properly doing “Getting Things Done” (I’m building my lists) and am thinking about how to beemind that. Any ideas, welcome.