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Beeminder Book Club: Katy Milkman's _How to Change_

Announcement! By popular demand (as measured in replies to the beemail I sent about this) we’re officially doing a book club to read Katy Milkman’s new book.

(For those who don’t know, Milkman is a bit of big deal in Beeminderland: Our one-week akrasia horizon was inspired by her famous grocery-buying study suggesting that people choose more vegetables when grocery shopping for delivery next week and more junk food when shopping for delivery tomorrow.)

We’re going to try this as a private forum thread with the price of admission being a Beeminder goal to read the book by August 15.

Here are my and @bee’s graphs:

Just reply here or DM me with your graph and I’ll add you to the Very Exclusive Thread.

Discussion about how best to buy the book or get it from your library also welcome here in this public thread.

PS: Handy link to the private group that only members can follow.
PPS: We’re up to 19 people!
PPPS: And it’s going brilliantly so far!


I’d like to give this a try! :slight_smile:

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Trying this: changebook | scydereal/changebook goal page

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I hope it’s not too late, here’s my goal: how-to-change | mbork/how-to-change goal page

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Hey @mbork! Not strictly too late! Here’s what I said in the last beemail:

Also we have a great discussion started for our book club. 18 people signed up (including Bee and me) and we decided to do it as a private group so we can badmouth the author (j/k!). If you’re overcome with FOMO right now, we could conceivably let in a couple more people if you make a case for how cool you are.

As a Beeminder guest blogger I think you’re automatically cool enough so, voila, you’re in!

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Any room for another? Only just got it but getting through it. Would love to hear what others thoughts are on the book.