Beeminder book club?

Why? Explain please?

I’m guessing someone sold you some other book bound in the cover of “7 Habits”. IMO, what you write about is exactly what Covey warns not to do.

Well I had a similar reaction to your comments about GTD!

Just because Covey’s method for social engineering is to be genuinely interested in people, doesn’t make it not social engineering! It just makes it social engineering that’s completely inaccessible to anyone who isn’t genuinely interested in people.

What does any of that have to do with time management or organization?

All the examples I had seen up until this point (I’ve since found a way) talked about manually entering data or tracking based on time.

My experience with manually entering data is I ignore the goal until 23:55 and then put something in so I don’t derail. With tracking time you can just set the timer and do something else and then attribute the time to reading.

I’ve since set up a Zapier integration:

Read book on Kindle
Share reading progress with Goodreads (integration built into Kindle) - only (semi)manual action
Get Zapier to pull in the new Goodreads feed item from RSS
Scrape for % read and book name
Match up book name (if doesn’t exist create a new item) in Google spreadsheet
Add the new read percentage for the book in separate column
Formula in a separate cell sums that column
Run a regular check on that cell for a change in value
If any change push the new value to Beeminder Odometer goal

The rest…

I just finished Cognitive Productivity with macOS last night. Now I’m tempted to go back and read the first book! There were several concepts I found valuable, but the author’s own organizational systems require rigid behavior. For example, he invents short-codes for projects (like bkLTP) that he embeds in file and folder names and then memorizes them so that he can use them to find files quickly with Spotlight.

A lot of the recommendations in the book are freely available as YouTube videos, although without the accompanying cognitive science theory.

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But AFAIU “7 habits” is not about “being good with people”. It is about “being good”, and then the “with people” follows much more naturally.

Just got my copy of “The Willpower Instinct” in the mail! When do we start?


Yeah the other book is where the real meat is. I understand why he made the macOS book because the first book is dense, and I’ve really had to let all this stuff sink in over time. Worth a read if you’re serious about turning knowledge resources into long-term wisdom & action.

How about… now?!


Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most just came out. It’s supposed to be an actionablr overview of improvements in decision making. The author wrote an essay in the NY Times recently, and he mentioned Schelling in it, which is enough to get it on my personal read list.


It’s on my personal read list, as well, because I apparently pre-ordered it months ago and forget until I got the receipt from Amazon this morning!

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By the way, if you ever want to discuss your workflow from these books, I am totally down. I’m getting there but not finished, that’s for sure.


There hasn’t been any new activity in the threads for The Willpower Instinct for several weeks. I’m personally feeling like I got what I wanted out of that book and am ready to move on.

If others are interested in picking the book club back up, I propose we abandon The Willpower Instinct and pick it up with a new book. I think Deep Work was another popular choice, but I’ve also seen some endorsements of Atomic Habits around here. Any takers?


I would love to. I have read Deep Work, and Atomic Habits is on my list, so both work great for me!

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+1 for everything. :slight_smile:

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Already reading Atomic Habits, so that would work great :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in doing a Deep Work reread with you all at some point as well, but I’m interpreting the responses here as leaning towards Atomic Habits. So here goes!

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I tried to cut down on social media as part of reading the Willpower Instinct and this is the result :smiley: