Book Club: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Hi folks! This is the organizational thread for a Beeminder Book Club discussion of James Clear’s book Atomic Habits.

The book has six main parts, each in the neighborhood of 30-60 pages. Those seem like decent increments for discussion to me, so I propose the following strawman reading schedule:

Part Pages Read By
The Fundamentals 58 Dec. 15
Make It Obvious 42 Dec. 22
Make It Attractive 40 Dec. 29
Make It Easy 42 Jan. 5
Make It Satisfying 34 Jan. 12
Advanced Tactics 40 Jan. 19

I commit to creating a separate discussion thread (linked here) for each of these parts on the “Read By” date.

If you have different preferences for pace, start date, etc., please chime in! We’ll figure something out that works for everyone.


Sounds good, thanks for organising this :slight_smile:

I’m in! :slight_smile:
Edit: And I like your schedule.

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I’m picking up a copy from my library today. I’ll try to join the discussion instead of lurking like I did with Willpower Instinct.


Not sure if it deserves an own thread, so I’ll piggyback this here:

I cannot seem to use future dates as data points. I guess that’s intentional? Just checking. :slight_smile:

My use case:

Wanted to put in “2018 12 15 0 #deadline” on my atomic habits goal so I can see the deadline for the first chapter in the graph.

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Data points in the future should show up as “faint” bullets. Not sure what happens with hashtags. Do you have them turn on? The default is that they are not part of the graph.
By the way, that’s a cool idea, making deadlines in the future with hashtags!

Seems to work for me
Look at the settings

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Thanks for checking. I had the same settings, it didn’t show up. Used the phone for input, then it worked.

But now… I am wondering if

2018 12 15

might actually be interpreted as the 12th in the 15th month of 2018? I am always confused by non-monotonously increasing or decreasing [1] date formats.

[1] Is there a less technical description of mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/dd/mm?

Beeminder dates are YYYY-MM-DD, so 2018 12 15 is “2018 December 15”. We use this date format because it goes largest->smallest (as years > months > days), and is sortable! :slight_smile: … (American schools teach kids garbage for dates. and 12-hour time. Programmer parent’s nightmare!).


Also, by default you only see 2 weeks into the future, so anything that’s on 15 Dec wouldn’t normally be visible yet.

Yes! I can understand smallest-to-largest and largest-to-smallest, but everything else throws me off. :smiley:

That means it wasn’t the date at least. It also wasn’t the X-max, I had adjusted that before. But it has worked every time since, so everything’s good.


Opened up the discussion thread for part 1: The Fundamentals.


Opened up the discussion thread for part 2: Make It Obvious.

@clarissalittler and @apolyton: I am not intending to book-club shame you, but we didn’t hear from you in the discussion last week. Is the pace still OK, or should we slow down and give you a chance to catch up?


Oh well the problem I’m having is the same problem I had with Willpower Instinct. I burned through it in an afternoon, wrote down my thoughts, and now am not sure how to chronologically disentangle my notes to only be about particular sections since I don’t have the book anymore.


There’s no harm just sharing your thoughts on the book as a whole in this thread. If nothing else, we can tag you into particular threads if you had a comment pertinent to the discussion.

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Thanks for the reminder! I had already read through the first parts by the time we setup this club and then got into a couple of other books. No need for a speed change!


Opened up the discussion thread for part 3: Make it Attractive.


Opened up the discussion thread for part 4: Make It Easy.


Opened up the discussion thread for part 5: Make It Satisfying.


Opened up the discussion thread for part 6: Advanced Tactics.

I intended to update the table of contents for the discussion posts at the top of the thread, but I no longer have an edit button. Is there a limit on the number of allowed edits for a forum post?