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Beeminder book club?


By the way, if you ever want to discuss your workflow from these books, I am totally down. I’m getting there but not finished, that’s for sure.


There hasn’t been any new activity in the threads for The Willpower Instinct for several weeks. I’m personally feeling like I got what I wanted out of that book and am ready to move on.

If others are interested in picking the book club back up, I propose we abandon The Willpower Instinct and pick it up with a new book. I think Deep Work was another popular choice, but I’ve also seen some endorsements of Atomic Habits around here. Any takers?


I would love to. I have read Deep Work, and Atomic Habits is on my list, so both work great for me!


+1 for everything. :slight_smile:


Already reading Atomic Habits, so that would work great :slight_smile:


I’m interested in doing a Deep Work reread with you all at some point as well, but I’m interpreting the responses here as leaning towards Atomic Habits. So here goes!


I tried to cut down on social media as part of reading the Willpower Instinct and this is the result :smiley:



Looks like we’re done with Atomic Habits - what’s next for the book club?


Participation died off well before the end of the book in both rounds of the book club so far. Before starting another book, I think we ought to have a retrospective on what has and has not worked so far.

I personally like the format 30-50 pages per week and a forum post per logical subdivision in the book. But I wonder if that’s too slow for people who read prefer to borrow books from the library (and thus need to return them). Would it be better to just set a target date for having finished the book and have a single thread? Or any other ideas about how to organize?


Maybe anyone joining a book club should be required to have Beeminder goals for reading the book and posting in the discussion thread. =)


Well I’m not sure that’s really a problem that needs to be fixed, but we could try:

  • just having one big thread, no target date
  • having multiple threads by topic instead of book section, and create them all at once
  • or if you want threads by book section, create them all at once so people can read at their own pace

All of these would allow “Reading Fast and Slow” :grinning: rather than forcing everyone to be on a specific schedule.


I would suggest a single thread so that discussions are not split and everyone having a beeminder goal on reading & commenting :slight_smile:


I thought the multiple threads would work, but I have now changed camps–one thread per book!

I wonder if the “goal collection” thing like we’re doing for the New Year’s Challenge is abstractable to this…


Survivor? Abstractable how? Sorry I don’t understand


Yes apparently there is a “groups” feature that @dreev is working on , right? :slight_smile:


“Working on” is an exaggeration but we have notes on how we think group goals should work!


Hahaha well the book club would only need an overview page like the Survivor one. No other features.


Yeah, exactly! If we just had an overview, that didn’t even have success or failure, just showed folks’ goals… it may help!

I am not sure how much work that is internally to set one of those up, however.


Ohhh you meant for everyone’s book group beeminder goal for reading and commenting! I was so confused for a minute.


I have also joined the thread-per-book camp, but I do think it’s important to have at least a handful of people who commit to contributing to that thread by some target date. If others come in and revive the discussion later, that’s great. But I don’t think we’ll generate a long tail of participation unless there is a lively initial discussion!

I agree, @apolyton! The solution to every dilemma is always more beeminding. :slightly_smiling_face: