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Beeminder book club?


@adamwolf had said we could do another poll after Deep Work - Deep Work is at the top of the present poll with 40%


I relinquish all rights to a Beeminder Book Club, feel free to do polls whenever :stuck_out_tongue:


Chiming in as someone who joined the Atomic Habits book club but whose participation died off well before the end of the book. :wink:

The book club worked for me in the following ways:

  • I would not have known the book existed without this thread.
  • In a busy phase in January, the book club’s schedule (via my beeminder goal) helped me get back to the book.
  • The book club made me read the book.

My thoughts on the discussion:

  • The information in the book was a bit sparse (but valuable). At the same time, it felt like there were about five people here reading it. There was just not sooo much to talk about. So I think that one thread per book might help condensing that discussion a bit.
  • Different reading speeds are something to deal with, especially in the one-thread solution. I think, personally I would prefer to finish a book myself, then discuss it. So maybe set a recommended schedule (nothing easier than that with beeminder) and start discussion after that date?

Next book: My vote goes to Deep Work as well. I have read it about two years ago and made a huge mindmap as I found it incredibly helpful (and much denser than Atomic Habits). Now/soon would be a good time to revisit it.


I agree with your suggestions, and I’m also interested in a Deep Work re-read!


I still haven’t finished Atomic Habits (got sidetracked by two other books) but will quickly reread Deep Work to keep up with the discussion. :slight_smile:


My suggestion is that we make a Deep Work thread now, and everyone who has read it can feel free to comment and start off the discussion. The rest of us can start with Chapter 1 and comment on the chapter(s) that we’ve read as we go.