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Beeminder Dashboard Filters User Script

Just created a user script for filtering the dashboard to just goals due today. I plan to use it in the mornings for scheduling my day. I’m open to ideas / pull requests if you all have other filtering options you think the script should expose.

On OpenUserJs

On GitHub


Noice! Where is this old old feature request of mine where I wanted something like that…

Also: Tampermonkey works great for Safari for this.

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There we go!


Oh can you make it so clicking the link again disables the filtering? It would be neat to toggle it.

Addendum (it won’t let me create yet another reply :roll_eyes:) : So… I know the definition of “today” is not as easy as it sounds in the realm of Beeminder. And while I am in the process of moving the deadlines of all my past midnight goals to midnight, I do still have a few. Naturally the filter user script considers those to be done tomorrow. But that’s not what my agenda looks like. My agenda says I better clean up the kitchen before I go to sleep.
Can we do something about this? I mean other than messing with the script ourselves.

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