Request: Show only goals due today

I’m a big fan of minimising the information presented. I like the current dashboard but sometimes I want more of a todo list that just shows what is absolutely necessary for today (read: until say where the deadline magic switches from evening to next morning. At 4 am I think?). Or, better yet, only goals with < x hours buffer left.
Please? :slight_smile:


I like this kind of thinking (simplicity! decluttering!) but I disagree with this in particular, unless implemented in way that collapsed the goals while keeping it obvious that they could be re-expanded. We do have a related and potentially easy feature request in the queue (on the roadmap, as the cool kids say) for just having a visual divider (possibly just a subtle bit of vertical whitespace? @bee will decide how to actually implement it) on the dashboard to demarcate today vs tomorrow according to the calendar. The colors already distinguish today vs tomorrow according to the goal deadlines.

@mary is lobbying for it defaulting to midnight but being a configurable setting. But since settings are the devil that’s right out. Ok, not really, and @mary has a good argument about ways it can be worse than useless if not configurable. But we gotta be principled and only introduce the setting after empirical evidence that it’s worth the added clutter and complexity.

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Oh I’m totally with you! I guess I should have worded it more like a user story. Like: As a sometimes easily distractible user I’d like to have a way to strongly highlight / emphasise goals that are due “today”.

And yes settings are the devil. Except when not. This is not one of those “I don’t have the guts to make a hard call right now, let’s delay the decision to later (= the user)” moments.
This is a “people go to bed at different times” sort of deal. I don’t even know when I’ll call this a day “today”. Will it be before 12pm? Very likely not. Will it be before 2am? I think so, but I thought this the other day too and then it was 3 something all of a sudden.

And no the colours do not distinguish today vs tomorrow. Not for me. They almost do, but I got a number of goals (= 2) that have quite early deadlines (12 am and 1 pm respectively) and they tend to be eep a lot because I enjoy lazy breakfasts maybe a bit too much. These goals will be red even though I can’t do anything about them right now when they are red to me. And that is one of the things I want this request to fix (in whatever exact way).
For instance one of the goals is my earlybird goal and it’s about getting more than x hours done before 1pm. And the idea is not to stay up after midnight and do it then :wink: But that’s what the colour red is telling me.

Hope that makes it a bit clearer. A visual divider, an optional grouping into “Due today”, “Due tomorrow”, … , faded out goals that can be ignored for a longer time, … whatever floats your boat.

I just want two ways to look at my goals: One to manage then. And one to actually do them.

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To quote myself

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