Beeminder + Emacs / Org Mode Integration

This is just a quick note in case anyone else wants a Beeminder integration to emacs or org mode. There are two different integrations on github, written by two different authors, both named “beeminder.el”.

  1. GitHub - Sodaware/beeminder.el: Submit data to Beeminder from within Emacs. Also integrates with org-mode. by @sodaware (Phil Newton)
  2. GitHub - mbork/beeminder.el: A Beeminder client for Emacs (This also integrates with org-mode.) by @mbork (Marcin Borkowski)

The first one above is listed on the MELPA repository, so if you’re pointing to that, it’ll show up in M-x list-packages. I’m currently testing out Phil’s MELPA package simply because it was a little easier to install as an emacsian newbie. That’s not to say one is better than the other. I have no idea about that as I don’t have much experience with either.

(This caused me a bit of confusion, so maybe this will help out someone in the future.)


The links are the wrong way around - I wrote the one at sodaware/beeminder.el :slight_smile:


:man_facepalming: Fixed thanks!