API Coding Resources List


Just about everything works through the Beeminder API.

Note that these are in no way official, tested, or endorsed, though some of them have been incorporated into the Beeminder GitHub for safekeeping. I found them on the web, you could too. With a bit of luck they’re still in active use and their authors are here on the forum…

Here, let me search GitHub for you.

Libraries wrapping the Beeminder API

Example Scripts

Example Applications

This list is wildly incomplete, please add any libraries that you rely on, as well as good examples for others to follow. This post is a wiki. Thanks!

There is no way to read last data point (or total) of a goal using IFTTT or Zapier or Tasker plugin?
Simple script for sending information to beeminder from desktop?
Goal to input length of a recorded video in Beeminder

I also made https://github.com/palfrey/docket which links Beeminder and Todoist


Note that last I checked the beeminder gem works but the version on rubygems is out of date and doesn’t. If you install from the git repo it’s fine, though.