Beeminder for maintaining weight? and workout?

I want to make the same thing for a biweekly workout goal. I thought about using IFTTT to force me to go to the gyms location, but it’s right across the street and I think my drive to work might trigger that.

Any other ways I can do this? Once I reach my target weight, I want to stay there long-term. I’ve had issues with healthy weight management before, and I want to be sure that I don’t continue losing an unhealthy amount of weight.

The best solution I can think of is having two Beeminder goals, one for weight loss and one for weight gain, so that I have to stay on the path between the two (with some room for fluctuation, but only maybe 2-3 pounds). Has this worked for anyone else, or does anyone have a better idea of how to set this goal up?

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You can set up two goals and use IFTTT to mirror data from one to the other–then you won’t have to double enter anything.

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I haven’t been very aggressive in using Beeminder to lose weight, but I’ve been playing with different related goals for awhile.

I have a flat weight tracking goal I use to ensure I weigh myself every day.

I tried a bites goal, where you input the number of bites you eat, for less than a day. It wasn’t for me.

I think I may have tried a calories goal for a bit. I don’t remember the details.

I have several walk goals and a 7 minute workout goal for keeping me exercising. In the past I also had a trampoline goal.

I used to have a dirty plates goal which required me to stop eating before I had finished everything on my plate.

Currently I have a plates goal which limits the number of times I can go back for more to 6 a day (will be 5 soon). It’s early days, but I’m optimistic about this goal.

Outside of Beeminder, my wife and I have agreed to only eat off our small plates at home. This makes you feel like you’ve eaten more sooner than if you were using large. Also, it means I eat less at home but my plates goal always me to eat more when we’re out of the house, since I’ll likely be eating off a larger plate.