Need help creating a workout goal

Long story short beeminder only works for me if I absolutely cannot cheat. Russian Practice is the only goal I still have going, because if I don’t complete a lesson in Duolingo, I will be charged.

I want to make the same thing for a biweekly workout goal. I thought about using IFTTT to force me to go to the gyms location, but it’s right across the street and I think my drive to work might trigger that.

Any other ways I can do this?


Are there any other gyms you could set up IFTTT with? You could just choose one that won’t get triggered other ways and only set up IFTTT with that one.

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Crazy idea from the top of my hat:

Instead hook up a bluetooth enabled heart rate tracker to Beeminder and beemind you having a heart rate > x for at least y minutes z times a week or something stupid like that.
I don’t know if there is an integration that can do that, maybe Strava?

I don’t actually recommend doing this but then again this might in fact work.

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Ha! @viprit, look what I just stumbled upon:

Does that help?

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If you track workouts on Strava you can beemind number of activities or to make it more interesting, time spent or calories