Beeminder in other languages

Is there Beeminder in other languages? Specifically French? I have started using Beeminder and I find it very helpful. I have encouraged my partner to use it or similar commitment tools but he is not an anglophone and I can’t find any in French. Also, I’m failing at explaining the concept in French to function as an effective translator.


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Malheureusement, Beeminder n’existe pas encore en d’autres langues. Mais, s’il a des questions, il peut me les demander à philip@bee… et j’essaierai les répondre. But he might come very quickly to the limits of my ability to explain these concepts too! Presumably your French is much much better than mine, and you claim to have struggled. (It may not be a language problem!)

On the one hand, I love the idea of making Beeminder accessible in other languages, even if only in a help guide to get people started. The interface, and the apps, and a host of other things, make it a much bigger problem.

I suspect that the biggest problem is going to be in supporting those users very well. Our email support is only in English, and when things get confusing, that may not be sufficient. It’s one thing to get someone started, it’s another to resolve any problems or requests.

Even if, for instance, we created a French-language section on the forum so that francophone users could support one another, it would be very hard for us to monitor the content to make sure it’s correct. Everything will potentially very quickly become second-hand or third-hand (mis)information. I’ve got mixed feelings about providing any official level of language support, so even my offer above (of a direct email query) is in the nature of an experiment that may quickly prove untenable or unsustainable.

That’s just my opinion of course. We already have a goodly number of multi-lingual and non-native-English users: how do you all think we could tackle this effectively?

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I agree that language is very important to effectively frame why you might make a contract with yourself that can lose you money! My partner is uneasy using anything “technological” or “on the internet” so that is quite a show stopper. Thank you for the offer of direct support though and I will be very happy to see if a similar movement appears in other languages.

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