Duolingo data not syncing

I’m learning French on Duolingo and use the integration to beemind XP. The past few days my data has not been syncing, no matter how many times I force Beeminder to poll for new data. I’ve already derailed illegitimately once because of this, and will derail again tonight if it’s not fixed. Is anyone else having this problem?

(I am not having problems with Duolingo syncing.)

Bonjour Sara !

Definitely email support@beeminder.com about those derailments!

I’m assuming that you didn’t change languages or anything. (After I finished English->French, I did French->English and French->Italian, and each language pair needed its own goal….)

You could try removing and re-authorising Duolingo from your Account Details page on the Apps & API tab. Having said that, duolingo doesn’t appear on that page for my own account…

So we’re back to emailing support so that @bee can have a look beehind the scenes.

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