Beeminder in Zen Mode

At first I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of running my goals in the red with the harsh options selected: retroratchet to zero, “no mercy” and weasel proofed! Alarm bells were ringing. I was working hard, feeling everything was super important and urgent.

Then curiously I discovered a zen approach to Beeminder: nurturing my goals in deep pasture green! Being a good bee, adding honey to my sweet safety buffers. A zen calm sets in, which is very pleasant and… motivating also. Instead of fearing the $charges, beeminding becomes the pleasant pursuit of doing just a little more to find new flowers and keep safely away from danger.

Beeminder does not truly have a zen option, but you can easily do it yourself. I borrowed two ideas from a blog post titled “Nine Greens” by Mirabai Knight. It’s possible to cultivate your goals to keep them showing in green, which is rewarding and calming. You learn to develop a sense of importance sooner, as the green turns blue, then orange.

An additional zen way is to award yourself virtual :sparkles: stars early in the day to create optimism and trust. You then trade them as you wish for desired items ou outcomes. To achieve this, you create a goal with stars as your unit.

For example I want to always be on time. My goal is setup with a star as a unit, and 1 as the number of unit to achieve each day. I award myself 1 star in the morning. When I’m early for a meeting, I get 1 extra star. If I’m late, I trade 1 star. If I’m late to the point of having a negative number of stars, I will derail and $bee brought in line. But I love my virtual stars so much, I never derail.

The focus remains largely on the positive side of Beeminder. Honey :honey_pot: first… the :honeybee: stings can be a line of defense just in case. Zen bees!