Beeminder Is the Only Thing That Has Worked

So before Beeminder I have tried a ton of things, stickk, Habitica, about 10 different task apps supposed to help you get things done, tried to read books on how to get more done but could never manage to actually finish the book. Any system I tried at most would last about 2 weeks most lasted less than a week before I just gave up.

I started Beeminder back in 2020 during dark time due to losing a loved one and just the general chaos of the time (I wrote on here about it a while ago). I can’t remember exactly how long I used it during that period but it helped to force myself to actually do stuff and get me out my slump. I stopped using Beeminder after I got a job that was highly stressful and was going to college full time. Mainly just because I barely had any free time.

Thankfully about a year and half later I got a job offer at a place I interned at that I really liked. I think I started Beeminder for a short time again but knew I was getting married soon and was worried that my wife would not want me to stake up our money if I failed a task.

Well about 81 days ago I was kind of frustrated as I was struggling with reducing phone usage, being more organized at work, the fact I could never seem to finish a book and the fact I plus never seem to lose weight. So I decided to ask my wife about it and she said she was all for if I thought it would help me. It definitely has I am a lot more organized, I am actually reading, losing weight and now can find the motivation to do even more basic tasks. Also now my wife has joined the Beeminder train and she also uses it for a few things. It has also helped us communicate more about our money. Also is now helping us reduce our tv usage and now we talk a lot more and have been reading together.

It honestly just amazes me how effective Beeminder has been and honestly pretty life changing. I don’t plan on stopping it ever again. I am sure my goals will change over time but that’s the nice thing about Beeminder it is actually quite flexible. If I can Beemind it, I can do it.


Same… Beeminder changed my life.
I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I didn’t start using it 9 month ago (time flies!).
It’s actually curing my allergy, calling my grandma and making me rich. (Well, it makes me do that). Huge shout-out to Beeminder for draining my bank account :v: