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How Beeminder Has Affected My Life

I have been thinking about making this post for a while now. As I feel like Beeminder has a positive effect on my life. I started using Beeminder around May (I had created my account much earlier but never created a goal). The reason I had started using is I was in a slump. As in March 2020 I lost a family member I was close to unexpectedly (They were only in their 30’s). After that for about 2 months I had issues finding motivation doing any thing. I was on online College student but I was doing enough just to get by. I would take a shower maybe once a week if that. I just felt numb, I didnt want to do anything. I felt lazy and kind of useless.

I wanted to try to get back to doing things. So I decided to try Beeminder as I had remembered that I had created an account. I cant remember exactly when I started it but I know it was around May. I started some basic goals and it seemed to be effective. I started to create more goals and I started doing more and more. After a few months I felt a lot better I was being productive and felt happier, it really helped me cope better with the emotions I was dealing with by just doing things. Around July I created a GTbee goal to apply for I multiple jobs, as I had been putting it off due to fear of failure. Well I ended up getting a job because of that.

Recently I have been using Beeminder as a way to tackle my social media addiction (No Social Media For A Month (Need accountablity)). As one thing this year has taught me is that time with family and friends is irreplaceable.

Thank you for creating Beeminder, it has helped me a lot.


Holy cow, this is a powerful testimonial. Thank you so much for sharing this! :heart:
(And very sorry to hear about the death in your family. That sounds brutal and I can’t tell you how moved I am that Beeminder was part of the process of … now I’m paranoid that I’m coming across all wrong… recovering? In any case, you’ve quickly become a valuable part of this community and I’m grateful you’re here!)

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Grieving. You never really recover.

@linux535 - thanks for being willing to put that out there. It helped me feel some hope to read it.

I’m so glad Beeminder is here. It has helped me through a lot of pain and depression and tough times as well. Thank you Danny and Bee!!!

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Thanks for sharing and sorry for your loss!

I enjoy reading the updates in your no-social-media-thread.


@zedmango I agree with what you said. You never fully recover but you do over time learn to deal with the grief. Beeminder has helped me to get back to more normal life and to cope with my grief. @dreev I am happy to be part of the Beeminder community.

I hope 2021 is a much brighter year then 2020 for everybody.