Beeminder + myfitnesspal hacky integration

I wrote a quick script to check whether I’ve entered any meals into MyFitnessPal today, and beemind whether I have. Might be useful to some?


I just Googled beeminder+myfitnesspal because I was interested, and found this. Thanks!


How do you go about using this script (with zero coding experience)?

Ie, ELI5 :slight_smile:

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I just did a little work updating the script to work with python3, use venv for dependencies, and to use credentials external to the source code:

I’d really love a hand getting this to at least work under amazon lambda, or even better to abstract it to be a full fledged third party data source for beeminder.

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Something that i’m doing with my scripts, the ones that probably should
never be part of the official Beeminder integration due to needing to know
your original source password, is writing up instructions for running them
on or Heroku. does support Python, but they don’t really talk about it.

You can even set it up so that Beeminder will poke your integration, and
hitting refresh on the goal works to get new data. I can post my hacky one
as well, but it is not meant for public/non-hacker consumption.

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