Beeminder on vacation

If you are going on vacation you have to think twice. Last week I was in the Austrian alpes and struggled with my goals. One of them is my daily workout every morning. Which was difficult and obsolete. Instead of lunges and squats I did several hours of snowshoe hiking every day. Because of this the squats and lunges felt really hard to do. But never the less I did them. I had some buffer and I lowered the goal a bit before the holidays. (Was a great idea….) To make it short: Think twice before you go on holiday to change your goals. You probably have higher level of sport activities than at work.


Sometimes I remember to dial my roads appropriately a week before I go on a vacation or trip etc., and sometimes I don’t. I would love to have a script that runs daily, looks on my Google Calendar for things that look “out of the ordinary” coming up in one week, and asks me whether I would like to dial my roads. Eventually I might get around to making such a script myself…


It is worth pointing out that there is a “take a break” feature for this, which will flatten your road. Unfortunately there is no general option to take a break which can be somewhat annoying when/if you have a lot of goals. Also as everything that makes things easier, it cannot take effect between now and a week from now.

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I love @byorgey’s script idea. I’m not as excited about a global take-a-break feature because I feel like you really should consider each goal individually. Some goals will have plenty of safety buffer to get you through vacation. Some goals (more social interaction, less facebook, more exercise, etc) you’ll make more than usual progress on. And some goals will be hard but still important. We never want a flat spot on our UVI road, for example, since we’re so proud of having averaged exactly 1 user-visible improvement for over 4 years now and want to maintain that streak indefinitely.

Something related I do think is important is a true break, like with an actual gap in the yellow brick road. The road would just resume at whatever your new value is. This is important, for example, for a weight loss goal, or an inbox zero goal. Yes, you can make the road slope generously up during the vacation but the road ends up very ugly that way. This is also related to the upcoming Road Editor feature. All of which is waiting till we finish the current batch of integrations and a reminders revamp.

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I’m writing a vacation manager for Beeminder right now. Hopefully I’ll have it done this week.


I get your argument, but could it at least be made easier? Right now I have to select for each goal when I want to take a break and there is no indicator on the list page of the goals which goals I have already scheduled a break for - which means it is too easy to miss a goal.

If instead you had a take a break feature where at the top of the page you selected when to take the break and under that had a list of all your goals, listing for each goal when it would derail, how much progress you had to make on it, and a checkbox to include it.

That way you would still select which goals you wanted to exclude but it would be difficult to miss a goal (by accident, which I have done) and you would still have the option to keep some of your goals.


Beemind your progress :smile:


I can’t! Because I haven’t gotten around to updating the strict workflow pomodoro to select a goal based on my comment field! Because I’m busy doing other things! Because I’m not beeminding making it beemindable. Oh god! It’s bees all the way down!

EDIT: Alright I at least hacked that part up: pomodoros_beevacay | drtall/pomodoros_beevacay goal page


This sounds exactly right – best of both worlds. Thanks @tomjen! And especially @drtall for actually building something!

(And then Beeminder still should natively support true gaps in the yellow brick road, but that’s less critical.)

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