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Beeminding breaks from Beeminding


In the past, I’ve found myself on vacation having forgotten to pause my Beeminder goals. To prevent forgetting, I’ve been using a Beeminder goal to remind me every week to think ahead about whether I need to pause any goals.


Great idea!

I call mine “review”, and I make sure none of my safety buffers are too big and make sure my rates are all appropriate.


That is a great idea. I also find that I forget to set my breaks.

Another thing that tends to occur is that I only put a few goals on breaks during vacations and I keep some. The issue is that during vacations and other familial events I am not in control of my time so I tend to derail. The lesson that I took from this is to simply put all of my goals on hold during vacations.


You might take a look at It can alert you whenever you have a goal set to eep! during a vacation period based on your Google Calendar.