Beeminder/procrastination/akrasia jokes?

I’m doing a toastmasters speech from the humourously speaking series.

I would like to do it promoting beeminder but I need two jokes to start and finish with. Luckily they don’t neee to be original. I thought it would be easy to find them but I’m coming up blank. Any suggestions?


So cool that you’re promoting Beeminder in your Toastmasters speech!

Would comics work? I think there are some highly on-point SMBC comics, like this one:

And there’s this from xkcd:

Oh, and waitbutwhy could surely be mined for material. The author of that also gave a pretty hilarious TED talk:

And of course blog posts by @bee tend to have something hilarious in them.


I can’t do comics but will mine those sources for material.

I know you can’t use it for your talk, but as long as we are on the topic, I have to post a link to the canonical Calvin & Hobbes comic storyline about akrasia:

There must be some great jokes involving akrasia but I can’t think of any either. I wonder if you’d have more luck searching for jokes about procrastination?


Thanks for the cartoon! I started off searching for procrastination and came up blank. Thus my post here to the forum.