Beeminder Remote Global Meetup

This is happening! It will be via Zoom. Chime in with your thoughts on timing/agenda and we’ll be updating the details as we decide them!

Date and time

2020 April 2 (Thursday – that’s today!)

  • noon Portland
  • 3pm New York
  • 7pm UTC
  • 8pm London
  • 9pm Berlin
  • 6am (Friday morning) Melbourne


  1. How we’re using Beeminder to cope with corona captivity (see last 2 blog posts)
  2. Danny can show off his 2 kilograms of jellybeans he’s rationing his consumption of? (We clearly need more ideas for agenda items!)
  3. [reply with more ideas!]

Link to join the meetup

Gory Zoom details

(You shouldn’t have to care about these gory details if you just click

Meeting ID: 386 500 223

One tap mobile
+19292056099,386500223# US (New York)
+13126266799,386500223# US (Chicago)

Dial by your location
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 301 715 8592 US
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US
Meeting ID: 386 500 223
Find your local number:


Thursdays are meeting-free for me and are the best days; Saturday and Sundays also fine. Other days could be fine. Between 2 and 4pm GMT or between 6 and 11pm GMT.


I’m unavailable on Saturdays, so that’s my main restriction.

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I should make almost anything between 0900 and 2200 UTC work, with some exceptions, by scheduling my next few things based on the decided day/time.

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Weekdays work better for me than weekends, but weekdays I am busy from 3 PM CST to 5 PM CST.

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I’m in anytime and would love to attend. My sleep schedule is extra screwed up these days, so I hesitate to include mine. But I am reliably awake between 1800 and 400 UTC. (No, I’m not beeminding my bedtime yet. Yes, I should.)

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My schedule is too unpredictable right now to plan around, but I’ll join if I’m able!


+1 for me

Happy cake day @dreev! Beeminder anniversary too? :wink:

PD: I am in!

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I would love to join! Hoping I get a notification somehow from this forum when you set the date and time.

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You should! Are you getting one based on me typing this?

Great idea! Maybe use something like doodle or whenisgood to find a time that works for most?


I did via email so that works great!

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Okay, so if I’ve done my math right this would be 6:00 Friday morning for Melbourne, which should be achievable for me. (If someone thinks I’ve done the math wrong, let me know).

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We’ve got an official time and date! It’s Thursday! Noon where @bee and I are on the US west coast, 3pm eastern, 8pm in London, 6am the next morning in Melbourne! See the top level post for the official URL shortly.

Ideas for the agenda solicited… (Besides Beeminder-brokered corona captivity coping, of course)


Keep in mind that parts of Europe are currently switching to daylight savings time. In particular, Germany just did so yesterday, going from its normal UTC+1 to UTC+2 aka Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Here’s a little mnemonic to help you remember which is which:
Central European Time has fewer words => UTC+1
Central European Summer Time has one more word => UTC+2


Sadly not. Discourse automatically records the date when you first joined the forum, and we haven’t found a way to update it to reflect when you first joined Beeminder.

(Though I confess that I didn’t look too too hard, and it was a while back, so there may be some wizardry that I missed. Speak up if any of you know how!)


Discourse stores its information in a Postgres instance, which presumably you could connect to and issue SQL UPDATE statements as appropriate.

If you are running Discourse in a docker container you many need to tweak some things to expose the database externally. And if you’re using a service to host Discourse instead of running it yourselves, it probably wouldn’t be possible to get direct access to the database at all.


@lanthala said I could quote them here:

Topic suggestions based on my life over the last three weeks:

  • Oh god everything is on fire oh god oh god
  • Has anyone figured out how to do paid work with a two year old on their lap? Because I sure haven’t!
  • I’m not even LOOKING for news articles and yet I just spontaneously find myself reading some article from a random website about how oh god oh god everything’s on fire. How can I block The Entire Internet And Also All My Coworkers when I need both the internet and my co-workers to do my job?
  • How should I balance the obvious fact that I am not going to be able to productive as usual, with the equally obvious fact that sitting around all day mainlining horrific numbers isn’t going to go well either. What level of functional should I aim for?
  • How much Animal Crossing/your favorite comfort media is it appropriate to self-medicate with? Should we actually be playing MORE Animal Crossing? At least it’s better than reading horrible news articles.

Not sure how beeminder related these are, but they’re top of my mind for sure.

Huge hug! My own experience is quite different and this is going to be fascinating to talk about. I’m actually kind of nervous and embarrassed to admit how this all feels for me personally. In fact, the death toll is probably well past the point where it’s downright insensitive to say so. So… I guess I’ll avoid putting it in writing here but will probably be pretty candid out loud tomorrow.

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Huge thanks to @phi for an important alert about a couple security/privacy issues with Zoom (I’m replacing his message with this one because @phi’s message made it sound way worse than it is but I’m including the full text of his message below. I just want to lead with a more balanced characterization so people don’t freak out. :scream_cat:

First, the security vulnerabilities involve physical access to your machine, which for me personally doesn’t feel like a big enough risk to switch the meetup to something else. (Also Zoom misused the term “end-to-end encryption” which wasn’t cool. Looks like they’re seeing a lot of backlash and are responding reasonably, I don’t know. The software seems really good to me, like the highest quality video/audio I’ve seen and really easy for everyone.)

What do you think?

  • Zoom
  • Anything but Zoom
  • Zoom this time since we already picked it but switch next time
  • Jitsi
  • Discord
  • Google Hangouts or whatever they call it these days
  • Whereby
  • Whatever the beekeepers decide

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To be clear, the default answer is we’ll stick with Zoom for now but anxious to hear if the more security-savvy among you think I’m misassessing this.

PS: Another link from @phi (thanks again!) to help people assess:

Phi's Original Message(s)

I strongly vouch for choosing something other than Zoom. They don’t take security or privacy serious. There is at least two (!) zero-day exploits in their macOS and Windows client currently which “could give local, unprivileged attackers root privileges, and allow them to access victims’ microphone and camera.” and allows for remote code execution:

Two Zoom Zero-Day Flaws Uncovered | Threatpost
Ex-NSA hacker drops new zero-day doom for Zoom – TechCrunch
Zero day vulnerability in Zoom allows Remote code execution in Windows & malware attacks

I don’t care what software we use, as long as it is not Zoom. Maybe It also doesn’t need a login from what I can tell.
(I’m personally a big fan of but that needs a free login)

This is a recurring theme, if this older article is any indication:

And of course there is their careless attitude towards sharing data with facebook on their iOS client.

Also, Zoom claims to be end-to-end encrypted but they are not. In fact, they do clarify somewhere less prominent, that by “end-to-end” they mean from their client to their server. AKA plain old transport layer security (TLS). That is not end-to-end and this is at best false advertising.

Zoom isn’t actually end-to-end encrypted - The Verge

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