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Martin's Beeminder "Tagebuch" (journal)


I wanted to have my own beeminder journal, since I’ve found them very helpful and could see actively writing one myself could be even more beneficial. I therefore have pledged to write an entry at least every other week (or 0.071428571 per day).

I guess it would make sense to start with a list of goals, I’ll try to categorize them roughly:

  • learn finnish:
    • mondly - 1 per weekday - do one daily lesson per day
    • memrise - 1500 points per day - akrasia auto goal; do memrise lessons until you reach 1500 points
    • clozemaster - 40 points per day - Clozeminder auto goal; do clozemaster lessons until you reach 40 points
  • keep a daily rhythm:
    • wakeupontime - 1 per weekday - wake up (and stand up) before 9 am
    • leaveontime - 1 per weekday - leave home before 9:50 am
    • sleepontime - 1 per weeday - go to sleep before 01:00 am
  • stay in contact with family:
    • callmom - 1 per month - call mom or get called by mom.
    • calldad - 1 per month - call dad or get called by dad.
    • callgrandparents - 1 per month - call grandparents or get called by grandparents.
  • reading, writing, consuming media
    • journal - 1 per weekday - write an entry (at least five lines) into my private journal
    • nachrichten - 1 per weekday - Nachrichten ist German for news; consume some form (podcast, mostly) of news.
    • blog - 1 per week - Publish something, anything, on my blog every week
    • lesen - 8 Minutes per day - Lesen is German for reading; read a book for at least 8 Minutes per day
    • bmndrjrnl - 1 every two weeks - Update this thread at least once every two weeks
  • general productivity:
    • asi - 1 per weekday - actual setup improvements; modelled after beeminder’s own uvi; do one thing that improves my productivity setup every day
    • eatthefrog - 1 per weekday - inspired by Brian Tracy’s Book; do that one thing that is most important that day (in my case this has developed to be the one thing that I can do on top of my responsibilities at work, which I’m fine with)
    • of3dailyreviews - 1 per weekday - Review all goals in Omnifocus daily
    • of3weeklyreviews - 1 per week (only Friday’s) - Every Friday I review my Omnifocus situation; if there is an eep day that’s not a Friday I enter Data until the deadline is on a friday.
  • weight related
    • loseweight - 5 kilos less by (currently) 4th of May 2020
    • wiegen - 1 per week - Wiegen is German for to weigh; weigh myself once per week

Two general things to know:

  • I use the weekends off feature on (almost) all of my goals
  • I actually try to reuse archived goals when applicable, since I like the higher pledge when starting a commitment (again) and in most cases I have already a perfectly fine goal that is configured in the way I like, so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

A quick thought about my weekly review goal: I really would like to have a generalized version of the weekend off feature (as kinda described here): Let me pick which days should be active days and which days are automatically scheduled as “breaks”. For example my of3weeklyreviews goal will (almost) always happen on Friday. So the only day which should ever be an eep day is Friday. I have now trimmed the safety buffer so that Friday is the eep day again and set it so it would automatically trim the buffer at 7 days. This is not exactly the same thing, because to me it would be great if I could make progress earlier than Friday without it messing up what day should be considered an eep day, but maybe that’ll work.

Generally, I think I should be able to configure which days of the week I want to be strict to myself. This would help configuring my commitment - or rather the device which helps me to fulfill the commitment - in a way that takes some cognitive load of me as a user, since I don’t have to translate what’s in my head to what beeminder actually does as much.

Put in a more abstract way: It would be great if we would have (even more) tools to configure goals in a way that reduces friction coming from translating the mental model and the beeminder representation.

This first post is way too long as it is (and the length of this entry is not gonna be typical for entries in this journal), but I at least wanted to mention that I finally finished my yearly review and goal setting project for 2018/2019 using Alex Vermeer’s 8760 Hours guide. So there might be new goals the next time there is an update here.

Narthur's Beeminder Journal

Inspired by Narthur’s Journal I have decided to write at least a small thing about all of my goals if there is anything to say. This means the posts will be longer than anticipated but doing this every two weeks should allow for a little bit longer posts.


  • I’m going to visit my girlfriend and have therefore scheduled a break for all of my goals starting next weekend until the 4rd of March.
  • being in the red is what gets me going, but only if I can rush to do something about it in the time I have left

Learning Finnish

Current goals:

The goals work, although there are some problems:

  • Not enough progress - My slopes for the auto-goals (memrise, clozemaster) are not very steep. I decided to up the ante a little bit, so that I will have to stretch a little bit more to reach my daily goal.
  • Not enough time - I have about half an hour on my evening commute back home to finish my vocabulary sessions. So I need to make sure that I don’t overcommit. So the new commitments should be gentle enough.


No changes. It would be great to make this an auto-goal (maybe through an omnifocus integration), where I check this task off every day anyways?), but I have yet to make time to look into this.


Commitment changed:

  • Old: 40 points per day
  • New: 56 points per day

This translates to about one additional repetition of an already learned word (16 points). Or 4 completely new or forgotten words (worth 4 points. Or 2 half-mastered words, worth 8 points. Or one new word and one three-quarter-mastered word. Or any other combination of those.

Practically this should get me faster through my “to review” pile and in turn gently lead me to having to learn more new words.


Commitment changed:

  • Old: 1500 points per day
  • New: 1700 points per day

The memrise points system is a little bit more involved but I also here went for “the repetition of one already learned word” (200 points) as my additional commitment to the goal.

Keep a Daily Rhythm

Current goals:

The goals work, but I decided to slightly adjust my times as described here.


Deadline changed:

  • Old: 9 am
  • New: 8:45 am


Deadline changed:

  • Old: 9:50 am
  • New: 9:35 am


I had a not-legit derail because I went to sleep and fell asleep before entering data and before the deadline.

Stay in Contact With Family

Current goals:

The goals work. I put into the fine print for all the goals that calling and getting called counts. And calling my brother is now also part of this category.


Key data:

  • one call per month
  • weekends off activated

New goal! I see no reason not to include my brother in my trying to stay in contact.

Reading, Writing, Consuming Media

Current goals:

Goals that work: journal, nachrichten, bmndrjrnl

Goals that need work: blog, lesen


This goal is fine, but there is no day on which I normally publish and I do almost always publish a half-assed journal post. No new commitment yet, because I’m in the middle of rebuilding my website using gatsby, but it’s something on my list for march.


I will have to move around a lot more pieces of my setup to make this goal worthwhile, but 8 minutes a day is just not enough to make meaningful progress.

I’m experimenting with temptation bundling my podcast consumption and my sports watching, the two things that use up most of my free time during the week, with other things. This should help free some time for reading.

I’m also thinking about limiting the amount of podcasts I listen to to 7 (one per day). The less podcasts I’m subscribed to, the less episodes will end up in my podcatcher and the less time I will spend listening to podcasts. This also would free time to do other stuff like reading. However I’m worried to not discover new podcasts anymore. But maybe that’s a sacrifice I have to accept if reading is actually important to me.

Right now I’m still trying things out, so this will be something for march as well.

General Productivity

Current goals:

Goals that work: asi, eatthefrog, of3dailyreviews

Goals that need work: of3weeklyreviews

All in all these goals do what I want, but I realized that my OmniFocus backlog had become somewhat stale so I used the weekly review to rework how I organize about my projects.

(If you’re just interested in beeminder then you can safely skip the next paragraph.)

There is now a Backlog folder with projects that can be considered active but not committed to yet. Active projects are moved from this folder to my private and job folders and will have to be done before moving on to the backlog projects. I might need to include a work in progress limit. Right now I just try to have the next two to four weeks in mind and judge if the current projects fit into this time frame.


Since I do daily reviews of my projects I had to define a little better what constitutes a weekly review for me. The one thing I came up with, is a question, inspired by Malcom Ocean’s “Pareto Improvisation” technique he talked about in a recent newsletter[^1]:

Would any part of me not accept this work as a weekly review and can this part convince all the other parts?

If the answer is yes (that is, a part of me doesn’t think this should be counted as a weekly review and it can convince all the other parts of me to agree), then it’s not a weekly review and I have to put in more work.

This is a pretty lenient red line. But it’s a start. I have put this in the fine print of the goal.

P. S.: If I remove the “not” from the question this red line becomes much harder to achieve, I might try this if I need to push myself a little harder.

[^1]: If anybody is interested what inspired me here: It’s the idea of a question or guideline I can answer or adhere to subjectively in context, but that I must answer regardless of opinion or context.


Key data:

  • one ToDo-List per day
  • weekends off activated

New goal! Create a ToDo-List for every workday in OmniFocus. This list should at least include three items, but it’s unimportant how it is implemented.

This hopefully helps to step up OmniFocus usage in general. No output is tracked yet and the implementation is left pretty open, since I don’t know yet how I want to handle this.

Weight Related

Current goals:

Nothing new here goals-wise. But I might need to track my calorie intake. That’s something to consider for next time.

I also might need to invest in a more accurate scale. My current scale is only accurate within half a kilo, which makes it hard to see progress and weight differences in general.