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Beeminder tracking my grades

Is it possible to make beeminder keep track of my grades and I get penalised if I get a lower grade than my goal?

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Hi! That’s a really interesting use-case. It’s not a standard way to use a goal, but in theory, a weight-gain goal should do that, I think… :thinking: Obviously we wouldn’t be able to automatically track it, though – you’d need to enter your grades yourself.

I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts on how they’d set this kind of thing up?

By the way, if you’re interested in studying goals, I recently wrote about my “secrets” on the blog: Nicky’s Secret To Beeminding Studying: It’s About Time | Beeminder Blog

It’s not as direct as beeminding your grades, and instead it’s all about controlling the inputs and ensuring you’re putting in enough time. I think I generally prefer that idea, because it rewards/punishes making progress over a shorter timescale than monitoring grades (I only get actual grades once a year, though).