Beeminder visualization tools: prototype

Here’s a prototype of some visualization tools for beeminder.
Keep in mind that this is in the prototype stage, and might be completely broken. Let me know what you think.

I’m actually surprised at the kind of information it can make obvious. As an example, here’s a cool screenshot of a graph in hours. See if you can spot where I weaseled (and then unweaseled by manually derailing myself) :stuck_out_tongue:
See if you can also spot where I weaseled again but haven’t manually derailed to unweasel yet…

Here’s a screenshot of an unquantized x-axis.

vs beeminder’s


  • fix x axis on unquantized graphs. Right now if you add 5 datapoints to a day, they’re equally spaced. That’s wrong!
  • add more cool graphs, eg histograms (I have to search for some algorithm to make sensible histograms first…)
  • make the “design” less terrible
  • switch to oauth
  • configure a reverse proxy to avoid the port number in the address

ping @bwiderski, in case you still need the tool it’s moved here!



Ooh, thank you for building things! Not working for me though…

I was starting to type something along the lines of “works for me, I don’t see errors in the logs”, and then I realized the button doesn’t submit the form and I was submitting by hitting enter… facepalm.

Anothe facepalm is the text below “Please login”. That was just meant as a guideline while I filled in the functionality… and I left it in.

Should work now. Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: “Work” is relative. The x axis in the unquantized graphs isn’t correct right now. I’ll try to fix some stuff including this tomorrow.

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Love this! Thanks for building it!

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