Beeminder without the sting?

What do people do for things they want to track just for information? I’m aware of the QS First principle, and I wonder about taking it to an extreme, and not be(e)ing on the hook at all. I’m aware of other services like, but for one thing, everything in the same place is good, and for another, it appears that the devs left to go to Facebook several years ago. Are there any other similar things out there? Or should I just make a Beeminder goal with a rate of 0.00000001 (is it still the case that you can’t set the rate to 0?)?


I really like rTracker for iOS. I wish I found something comparable for
Android, or even better, on the web. Because I haven’t found anything
great, I have a big Google Spreadsheet.

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You can set the rate to 0, just not in the New Goal screen. So you have to set it to something, be sure you have the week of safety buffer, and immediately dial it to 0.


If you’re on one of the higher payment tiers you can – by using a “custom” goal – start a new goal with a rate of zero…


Aha, I didn’t know that. Looks like that will do the trick then! And it lets me some day change my mind, add a non-zero rate and retroratchet to be on the hook.


Even though it’s hopelessly out of date, we do have this old post where we collected “Beeminder without the sting” apps: Trackers vs Lifehackers

Not to be confused with our list of Beeminder competitors which we do keep up to date (see anything we’ve missed?).