Beeminders trying to lose weight - join me in an accountability group?

As someone who’s struggled with weight for years and had several successful cycles with beeminding (oh to be back here loseweight – dy – beeminder) - I was inspired to work an app that added a social layer to the whole process. It’s still very early but the basic idea is that you connect with friends (or in this Beeminder group) and it makes sharing your weight and supporting each other super habitual.

If you use that link you’ll join a group I created call Beeminders “Bee-autiful Beeminders Bee-lieving in Bee-ing Bee-tter” .

To give a sense of how early the app is, only I can create new groups in the REPL - but if people want to create groups feel free to ping me and I can set them up pretty quickly.


I have trouble signing up with my mobile number in Korea. My mobile number is in the format of +82 10 xxxx xxxx (8 digits x), but this app(iOS) only allows me to enter 7 digits instead of the full number.

Would love to join, but I’m on Android.

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