Beeminding Anki reviews?

I’d like a way to automatically beemind the number of Anki reviews I do using the latest version of Anki, but it appears that the existing add-ons to do that don’t work with the newest version of Anki. Does anyone have a workaround for Anki auto-data other than using an old version of the program?


Not really. For now I use Anki addon: maintained progress, which is nice but doesn’t really do the same thing as tracking just the number of reviews…

I think we’ll just have to pick things up ourselves and adapt the existing ones to Anki 2.1.


I also use the maintained progress add-on, probably for the same reason. i.e. it works.

Apart from having to wrap my head around what the add-on actually does, it’s working pretty well. It measures something about the outcome (progress) rather than the input (reviews).

In my case, this means that my road is mostly flat, and the add-on’s pessimistic datapoints force me to do some reviewing every day. As I add new cards, eventually those pessimistic estimates don’t force me to do a review, so I know it’s time to ratchet up my road a bit.

If you add cards more regularly than I do, you’ll probably want a slightly steeper slope, but not nearly as steep as it would be if you were beeminding the number of cards reviewed.


I wrote an add-on that does this for myself. If I have some spare time I might publish it as an add-on in the future, but it definitely needs some proper development before that will be ready.