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Anki addon: maintained progress


I’ve just released my anki 2.1 addon for beeminding maintained progress:

I didn’t test the packaging process but I’m low on clock time and didn’t want to add an extra day or two of calendar time to the process.

Let me know what you think. If your feedback is “I want to track a different stat” I’m not likely to implement it but I would consider pull requests (or you might find this useful for forking and making your own addon.)

ETA: I forgot to put basic usage instructions anywhere. 1. Make an odometer goal on beeminder 2. Go to the addon config and read the instructions there. (I’ll get this in the proper places sometime today or tomorrow)

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wow you’re the one who made that! not using it atm, but the anki-integration helped me survive my modern Hebrew class in sophomore year (and got me started with beeminder), thanks so much!!


Thanks, but I wasn’t the one that made the previous addons.


Just uploaded a bugfix.


Thanks for the work! I appreciate any effort that towards Anki integration into Beeminder. :blush:

I like the metric you’re tracking. Nice documentation, too! Personally (and right now), I track time spent studying since that is much easier to understand and to control for me than “backlog” or similar metrics. And as a consequence, it’s also effective in me not getting overwhelmed. But maybe my approach changes at some point, so it’s good to know of this (your) clever metric. :blush:

P. S. Still hoping there will be an integration that works on mobile, too. Would probably have to be an official one/through Beeminder folks since I don’t think add-ons work on mobile.


The moment people can write plugins for ankiweb, rather than a client, I will start setting up a Beeminder integration, either official or unofficial.

There is a third party ankiweb sync server. It appears to maybe be unmaintained. If it works well, or is maintained, the main downside (for me, at least) of using it would be not being able to share decks through the ankiweb interface. Advantage though: we could integrate with that, and we wouldn’t need special client plugins.


I do all my reviews on mobile. The reason I added the precise pessimistic projection feature is so that there’s something to make me sync on the computer.


I do most of my reviews on mobile, too (and sync religiously). But when traveling without my laptop I just have no way to sync Anki with Beeminder automatically (via the desktop app) so I put the data in manually. That’s easy for time studied as it shows in the mobile app.


Just uploaded new bugfix. No longer causes errors with placeholder data in the config.