Beeminding Bedtime X times per week.

I’m planning on set up with the goal of getting to bed before 22:00 4 out of 5 times during the week.

I want it to be for Sun-Thurs, with one excluded night per month.

Is the easiest way to do this have my goal be “Did you get in bed before 22:00 or is it Friday/Saturday, or is it Monthly event X” and then just set my goal to 6 per week?

Does anyone have other solutions?

(I’m aware of options for tracking the amount of sleep, but I want to specifically sleep at 22:00)

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If you set the goal deadline to be 22:00, and get into the habit of adding a datapoint every time you go to bed, I wonder what that would look like. Some days you’d have 2 datapoints, one from after-ten the night before and one from an early night the night after.

If you set the aggregation method the the badly-named ‘binary’, then you could add datapoints of 1 Sun-Thur and 0 Fri-Sat and preserve some semblance of data quality.

If you’re an iOS user, then I can recommend Workflow – in contrast to IFTTT’s simplicity, you could set up that weekday logic inside the workflow button.

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