Help with going to bed on time!

Hey all, what is the simplest way to setup a beeminder about going to bed by a scheduled time? Thanks!

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For me, that’d be a do-more goal with your default deadline and a rate of 1/day, where you manually add a +1 when you go to bed on time!

A lot of people find that unsatisfying, but personally I find it helpful.


Beeminder couldn’t force me to go to bed on time with @shanaqui’s setup, or my own variants using minute differences. This is because I have a really severe bedtime procrastination problem. (and procrastination problem in general).

What worked for me was to setup a “sleep_journal” goal that asks me to write one page about how I went to sleep and how I woke up + some actions to do (e.g. “buy dust mite case pillow”, “take magnesium”) and general complaints to myself (“you should stop scrolling on Instagram late at night!!”)

It doesn’t make me go to sleep at the hour I would like every day, but it significantly reduced damages.
(I go to sleep at max 2am, rather than max 6am before :slightly_smiling_face:)


This is a good idea! Can you describe how you setup the goal? I am pretty new to this. Thanks!

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I think both the goal @sheik referred to and the goal I referred to would be essentially the same on Beeminder’s side. There’s a step by step example of a Do More goal here in the help docs: Do More Goals - Beeminder Help

I don’t think we’re partnered with any integration that would allow for automating @sheik’s idea. :thinking: But of course there may be something via IFTTT, Zapier, etc.


You can setup sleep as android (dont know if works with apple) so you are in bed for 8 hours at least and bases sleep time on phone usage and light sensors.
Another option is buying something like the withings sleep analyzer and connect that using ifttt to send data of getting into bed to beeminder.
Depends heavily on your night routine, do you charge your phone away from your bed at night. Depending on your phone type/tech in your bedroom (I use android so don’t know about apple shortcuts) you could set an automation to trigger when your device is plugged into charge and adds a datapoint depending on the time you plugged the device in.
Another idea is analyze why you aren’t going to bed on time? Is it that you still feel awake? maybe you are a night owl and can ask for readjustments from your workplace. Is it phone distractions, if so maybe install an app blocker that blocks past a certain time or delete those apps that you find distracting and use a computer instead for distractions.


I use this solution except my “bedtime” goal is really just a ban on doing a number of things that can keep me up at night. Very occasionally I’ll add something new to the list.

I get tired when reading non-fiction on paper at night, so that is allowed after bedtime. Fiction in any format or any screens are forbidden. One convenient thing about this approach is that I can also use Screen Time on iPad to help enforce it.

Another point about this goal is that my deadline for it is not my bedtime but instead later in the next day. That way I don’t have to get on my phone before getting in bed. I used to leave my phone plugged in in the opposite corner of my bedroom, which helped keep me off it at night, which helped too.